Comedian commentator John Oliver hits the nuclear nail on the head in this very entertaining review of our madcap insanity.

At first glance, making jokes about the incineration of millions of people might seem beyond the pale, but there is genius in Oliver’s take on the nuclear weapons issue.

The reality of nuclear weapons can feel so huge, and so incredibly depressing, that we typically avoid the subject altogether, a key reason why after all these years we are still looking down the barrel of the nuclear gun.

Oliver’s genius is in making a very important subject fun, which means that we’ll actually pay attention to the stark reality he shines a bright light on.

Ok, so we don’t want the leader of any nuclear armed state to make jokes about nuclear catastrophe, but it’s good that somebody with a talent like Oliver’s is doing so.

Watch the video. Listen to the story. Relax, have fun, and laugh out loud. Gallows humor has it’s place, and after all, being serious all the time sure isn’t working.