Here’s a list of nuclear weapons activists associated with the Nuclear Threat Initiative .

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Steve Andreasen – National Security Consultant

Jessica Bell – Senior Program Officer, Global Biological Policy and Programs

Des Browne – Vice Chair

Elizabeth Cameron – Vice President, Global Biological Policy and Programs

John Carlson – Counselor

Erin Dumbacher – Senior Program Officer, Scientific and Technical Affairs

Corey Hinderstein – Vice President, International Fuel Cycle Strategies

Laura S. H. Holgate – Vice President, Materials Risk Management

Ioanna M. Iliopulos – Senior Consultant

Richard Johnson – Senior Director, Fuel Cycle and Verification

Robert E. Berls, Jr. – Senior Advisor, Russia and Eurasia

Ernest J. Moniz – Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Samantha Neakrase – Materials Risk Management

Andrew Newman – Senior Director for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Activities

Sam Nunn – Founder and Co-Chair

Leon Ratz – Senior Program Officer, Materials Risk Management

Joan Rohlfing – President and Chief Operating Officer

Deborah G. Rosenblum – Executive Vice President

Lynn Rusten – Global Nuclear Policy Program

Douglas Shaw – Senior Adviser for Special Projects

Page Stoutland – Vice President, Scientific and Technical Affairs

Isabelle Williams – Senior Advisor, Global Nuclear Policy Program

Jaime Yassif – Senior Fellow, Global Biological Policy and Programs