Here’s a list of nuclear weapons activists associated with the Arms Control Association.

Click on a linked name to see further information. Please contact me to request additions, edits, or deletions. Other nuclear weapons groups and their teams can be found here.

Jeff Abramson – Senior Fellow – Twitter

Shannon Bugos – Research Assistant – Twitter

Thomas Countryman – Chair Of Board Of Directors – Twitter

Kelsey Davenport – Director for Nonproliferation Policy – Twitter

Tony Fleming – Director for Communications and Operations – LinkedIn

Allen Harris – Graphic Designer & Production Editor – LinkedIn

Daryl G. Kimball – Executive Director – Twitter

Michael Klare – Senior Visiting Fellow – Twitter

Terri Lodge – Senior Congressional Fellow – Twitter

Julia Masterson – Research Assistant – Twitter

Merle Lee Newkirk – Finance Officer – LinkedIn

Kingston Reif – Director of Disarmament & Threat Reduction Policy – Twitter

Kathy Crandall Robinson – Chief Operations Officer – Twitter

Elana Simon – Administrative/Office Assistant

Paul F. Walker – Vice Chair Board Of Directors

Greg Webb – Editor of Arms Control TodayTwitter