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Here’s One Way To Support The Plowshares 7

As celebrated in a recent article about heroes, the Plowshares 7 are a group of Catholic activists who have risked prison to protest nuclear weapons at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

A handful of activists are of course not going to be able to close down a submarine base, so the point of their protest was to draw public attention to the base and the threat posed by nuclear weapons. As example, it was by their action that I learned the world’s largest nuclear submarine base is just a couple hours from our house, not good news for my wife and I in the event of war.

So, how can we support these brave Catholic activists in their mission to bring attention to nuclear weapons? One answer is that we can organize an ambitious effort within the Catholic community to bring a LOT more attention to nuclear weapons. We could take the process that they’ve started, and make it larger, much larger.

I’ve been pushing the idea of a billion dollar a year marketing campaign to amplify Catholic teachings on nuclear weapons. So far at least, my outreach efforts have been ignored by every Catholic site I’ve contacted, with the exception of one good fellow who is sure this plan must be some kind of a scam. Sigh…

Ok, so Rome wasn’t built in a day. One blog post is not going to change the world. Activism requires patience. I get it.

I never expected instant success, but I am hoping for feedback that will educate me on what I need to do to engage Catholics on the subject of ambitious marketing campaigns.

Talk to me please. Why is an ambitious marketing campaign for spreading Catholic teachings on nuclear weapons not interesting? Why is something like that not already happening? How should I edit this page so that at least a few Catholics will contact me with their own suggestions for how such an idea can be improved upon?

And remember please, I’m not asking anyone to support me, I’m asking Catholics to support the teachings of the Pope.

Not me, the Pope.

This guy.

Twiter just isn’t that useful medium for such conversations so I’m hoping we can establish an online discussion forum for nuclear weapons activism where all nuclear weapons activists could bounce their ideas off each other. Working on this, more on this subject later…

The Plowshare 7 are willing to go to prison to highlight the existential threat presented by nuclear weapons. We could support their brave work by buying some ads. Lots and lots and lots of ads. That’s how the real world works folks. If one is serious about selling anything, one funds an ambitious marketing campaign.

A billion Catholics could raise a billion dollars a year for such a marketing campaign. Let’s support the Plowshares 7 by getting to work on that.

Wow!!! This is exciting!! Let’s do it!!!

Her future.

In our hands.

Catholics Could Save The World

In November 2019 the Pope visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan and gave a speech declaring the possession of nuclear weapons to be immoral.

This article attempts to sketch out a plan by which Catholics could take decisive action in response to to the Pope’s concerns about nuclear weapons.

Please Note: While this article uses the Catholic community as an example, the following ideas could be put to use by any organization which wishes to help rid the world of nuclear weapons.

The Plan

What if every Catholic pledged a recurring donation of $1 per year to fund a global marketing campaign to amplify the Pope’s teachings regarding nuclear weapons?

The Budget

There are reported to be a billion Catholics worldwide, so at $1 per person per year, the target budget for this marketing campaign against nuclear weapons could be one billion dollars per year.

Some Catholics would of course contribute more and others less (many Catholics live in the third world), but the overall goal for the campaign should be a billion dollars yearly, an ambitious goal clearly within reach of the Catholic community overall.

Catholics have the philosophy of peace, and the required funds. All that’s left is to put the two together.

One billion Catholics. One billion dollars.

Catholics could save the world.

They really could. Seriously.

The Money

All funds donated would go directly to the Vatican. Catholics would not be asked to send money to some outside group that they may not have heard of. Instead, all funds raised would remain with their own community to be managed by their own leadership as part of their own message.

The Mechanism

Automated payments of $1 per year can be handled by PayPal. The contributor clicks a few buttons one time, and that’s all the work they ever need to do.

One minute, one time. One dollar a year. Each contributor is helping to save the world, for close to nothing.

The Message

The marketing campaign would address the existential threat to humanity presented by nuclear weapons from the Catholic perspective as defined by the Pope.

The Marketing Campaign

One of the realities of the modern world is that a well funded marketing campaign is typically necessary for the selling of anything, whether it be shoes, cars, laptops or Presidential candidates.

This is no different. If Catholics wish to play a leading role in saving humanity from nuclear weapons, a well funded marketing campaign will be required.

Moral theory alone won’t get the job done.

Yes, the Pope is famous, and most of his speeches are well covered by the media. But as the leader of a major world religion the Pope has a great many things on his plate and can’t give a speech on nuclear weapons every day.

But a billion dollar marketing campaign can share the Pope’s message on nuclear weapons every day.

Getting Your Campaign Off The Ground

Getting a marketing campaign off the ground could be tricky for some groups, as the budget for the campaign might not exist until you have contributors. Could this help?

Imagine that you plan to reinvest all the money you raise in to more ads, so that you can get even more supporters. In such a case, for some period of time all the money you raise would be going to Facebook, Google, or where ever you decide to buy your ads.

Why not ask the advertiser to help you get the campaign going by running some free ads for you? Maybe you sign a contract which stipulates all funds raised for one year will be spent with the advertiser? Maybe you can make the advertiser in to a partner? If one says no, well, there are LOTS of companies out there that want your ad dollars. Somebody will work with you.

The Concept

From the activist perspective, the concept being offered here goes like this…

Instead of asking any group (Catholics in this case) to support a nuclear weapons activist organization, the group in question is called upon to become a nuclear weapons activist organization.

As example, a billion Catholics working together through an ambitious plan of action have more power than all the nuclear weapons groups put together.

Each group is urged to make the case against nuclear weapons from their own perspective, using their own funds, under the management of their own leadership. Nothing new to join.

What If You’re Not Catholic?

I’ve used Catholics as the example here as that is faith tradition I am most familiar with, it’s a large congregation, and the Pope is a very well known figure that is easy to reference.

If you’re not Catholic, or if you oppose Catholicism, then just forget about the Catholic example used here and apply the principles shared above to your own organization.

Get your own people together. Raise some money. Run some ads against nuclear weapons on Facebook or where ever you can.

Explain your opposition to nuclear weapons in your own way, from your own perspective.

Anything you do to insert the subject of nuclear weapons in to the public discourse is helping to save the world.