This section of the site explores the source of nuclear weapons, our relationship with knowledge. As a quick introduction of what we’ll be exploring together in this section, read this article first:

Our Relationship With Knowledge – This article will argue that the “more is better” relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science and our modern civilization is simplistic, outdated and increasingly dangerous.


These articles explore further:

Focusing On The Bottom Line – What if we took a break from the expert analysis of details and turned our attention to addressing the bottom line?

Taming The Knowledge Explosion – Part 1 – The knowledge explosion which created nuclear weapons feeds back upon itself creating an ever accelerating knowledge development process.

Taming The Knowledge Explosion – Part 2 – Why does the accelerating nature of knowledge development matter, and how this process is related to our concerns about nuclear weapons?

Should We Bother With More Science? – Giving up nuclear weapons is the price tag for the future of science and all the miracles it can offer us.