Here’s a medical procedure you can use to determine if someone is mentally ill. There’s not much to it really, just ask them this question.

Do you wish to be President of the United States?

If they answer yes, dial 911 immediately, as your patient is suffering from Nutzo Wacko Crackpot Delusions Of Grandeur Way Insane disease.

Seriously, imagine that you were applying for a job and at the interview they told you this…

As part of your duties, we may wake you up at 3am and call upon you to incinerate hundreds of millions of innocent people based on limited information and almost no warning. Are you prepared to do that?

If you’re sane, you immediately run screaming from the room, right?

But if you’re a wacko crackpot, you’d say something like, “Oh I could definitely perform that function for the company, no problem at all sir.

Shouldn’t we wonder just a wee little bit about the sanity of any person who spends years positioning themselves to get a job which could require them to launch a barrage of nuclear missiles at vast populations of innocents?

What kind of person looks themselves in the mirror in the morning and says, “Yep, I’d be good at that, I’m the right person for the job!!

Uh oh, wait, hang on a second. It gets worse. And here you thought that we were talking about somebody else.

What kind of person votes for somebody, anybody, running for President?

If we voters were sane, wouldn’t we choose the candidate whose platform pitch is…

No, no, no and no!!! There’s no way you’re going to get me to be President!!!!

As this primary season unfolds in the race for the Presidency most of us will dutifully enter the voting booth and pull a lever for somebody who wants to be the lucky one awoken at 3am by their National Security Advisor…

Mr. or Madam President! Wake up!! It’s time to push the button!

Ok everybody, smile for the group photo!