We’d all like the American and Russian governments to negotiate the elimination of their nuclear arsenals. But at least for the moment, that’s not happening.

Could this be the next best thing?

What if retired out of office diplomats, politicians and technical experts from both America and Russia sat down to negotiate a disarmament treaty they think might work?

Retired officials know the issues involved in depth, and are largely liberated from concerns about their careers and the next election etc. The freedom from such constraints might allow a degree of cooperative creativity that could break new ground.

Of course whatever agreement such retired officials might reach would not be binding, as such experts are no longer in power.

But if high ranking former government officials from both countries were to succeed in reaching an agreement that would at least demonstrate that a full disarmament treaty is theoretically possible.

If nothing else, such an effort would be interesting to reporters and help keep the subject of nuclear weapons in the news and on the minds of the general public in both countries.

I’m sure this is not an original idea and that conversations of this nature are likely already underway somewhere. But if a regular citizen such as myself is not aware of such discussions, then conversations of this type need a much higher public profile.

If you’re knowledgeable about such things, please write an article on the subject and drop me a note to let me know where it is. Thank you!