Well, ok, ok, so I suppose there’s at least some small chance that the claim made in the title of this article could just possibly, maybe, not be totally fully accurate. In fact, actually, the claim is beyond absurd, a total lie, a ridiculous notion, and fake news too.

But I’m going to keep bellowing such arrogant nonsense, until one of you expert people inform me of where I can find commentary on the question that’s been chasing me around my mind for weeks now.

Won’t the major nuclear powers all have to disarm together, at the same time?

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I’ve been asking this question on every expert nuke site I visit, and waiting for one of the many experts on Twitter to at least mention this issue.

Nada. Nothing. Nobody home. Total silence. I can’t seem to find any expert or activist who is wondering aloud how we will get all the nuclear weapons states to disarm together, in unison, as one, at the same time.

What nuclear weapons state is going to disarm while it’s rivals retain an arsenal???

I’m sure somebody somewhere must have addressed this question in some detail. So if someone could please just tell me where I can find such an analysis I’ll be grateful and appreciative for your assistance.

I might even stop bellowing. Well, for a few minutes anyway.

Look, seriously, no kidding, I am indeed a nuclear weapons newbie. But I’m not a newbie when it comes to the Net and I know, from an embarrassing amount of experience, how this game works.

In order to get the attention of the male egos which tend to dominate such topics, I need to stand on a chair and yell something like, “My thingie is bigger than your thingie, nana nana na na!

And then some other male ego will stop what they’re doing long enough to smack me down and put me back in my place where I belong, below them on the penis pecking order totem pole.

Ok, good plan, I’m ready, let’s do it!

However, until one of you expert folks can direct me to your article where you address this question…

Won’t the major powers all have to disarm together, at the same time?

… By the powers vested in me by myself, I hereby formally retain my glorious self installed title as the indisputable leading nuclear disarmament expert in the world, by far, bar none, nobody else even comes close, including especially you.

Ok real experts, it’s your turn. Do your thing! Smack me down and shut me up! Show us your article!

Thank you!