Imagine that you worked 80 hour weeks for decades so that you could leave me, your child, a big inheritance. Then you died and I got the money.

And I blew it all in 3 weeks of boozing, gambling and hooking up with hookers in Las Vegas.

I could have done what you did and added more money to the pile and then passed it on to my kids. But nah, on with the partying!!

Isn’t this almost who we are?

My grandfather started working at age 11 when his father died, and he worked 80 hours a week his whole life as he raised four kids during the Depression. He had some modest success with his own small printing business and age 65 was in a position to retire.

But after six weeks of retirement he went back to work. He had no hobbies, and no idea of how to relax, not a clue, as nothing in his life had prepared him for that challenge.

It’s people like this, many millions of them, who built the modern civilization we now take for granted. We are the richest and most comfortable people ever to walk this Earth thanks to the great sacrifices of those who came before us. Endless centuries of humans couldn’t even dream of what we have.

And it all could be lost in an hour.

Somebody screws up, or something goes wrong, or somebody gets greedy or mad, the ICBM’s start flying, the nukes start falling, and before you know it all the miracles that we’ve been handed on a silver platter are gone.

Poof! Just like that. The miracle of modern civilization was here and….

Now it’s gone. Just like that.

And it’s not just us that are the losers. Centuries of our descendents might have also enjoyed the great gifts given to us by our ancestors, but sorry, that’s all over now too.

We know all this already. We’ve heard it all before. And it bores us. We rarely think about it. So we rarely talk about it. We pretty much never do anything about it. Because, hey, we’ve got a party to go to!!

Sure, we respect our parents, and we love our kids too. We sincerely believe that, we do.

But is that really true? Or is our love really a pile of phony BS with a sappy Halmark greeting card wallpapered over it?

Ok, so I suppose we aren’t really that evil. Probably just incurably stupid.

I feel better now, don’t you?

If the worse does happen, and on our present course it probably will, we’ll go down in history as the most hated generation in what’s left of human history.

They won’t be cursing the Nazis.

For centuries to come our descendants will be cursing us.

Oh never mind, hey, do you have any chips left? I think I’m gonna make one more run at the gaming tables!