Given the revolutionary nature of the threat presented by nuclear weapons it may be useful to explore equally revolutionary solutions.

Because civilization itself is at stake, we should at least consider solutions beyond what we’re used to, what’s been done before, what’s comfortable and familiar, what the experts suggest, and what we would like the solution to be.

The principle here is that if “realistic” status quo solutions to the nuclear weapons threat could work, after 70 years they likely already would have.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

So, in a spirit of open minded exploration beyond what is usually considered, with no regard to what is popular or politically correct, here’s one possible solution to nuclear weapon madness that I can almost guarantee you’re not going to like.

But again, please keep in mind, if we had a solution to nuclear weapons that everyone liked, the nuke problem would have probably already been solved some time ago.

A World Without Men?

A clear eyed objective observation reveals one very simple fact about human violence. Almost all of it is committed by men. This is not just a fact for our modern times, but rather a consistent pattern that goes back many thousands of years in every time and place.

Yes, I hear you, it’s surely true that most men are not violent. It’s also true that ideally we would keep the many peaceful men while removing violent men, agreed.

However, another truth is that (to my knowledge) no society in history has been successful in managing violent men. And so we see a world full of decent men that is also full of violence.

If we are serious about world peace we are required to acknowledge that there is little evidence that we can keep peaceful men and not the violent men.

At the least, it seems worth considering what a world without men might look like.

A Vision Of World Peace

If there were no male humans on the planet, 95% of the violence we see on our TVs would vanish.

Vast suffering would be lifted from many millions of people all over the world. Fear of violence would also be largely removed.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars now needed to manage and recover from all the carnage being generated by violent men could be reinvested in life affirming projects like education and health care etc.

If most violence was ended, and vast new resources became available for constructive purposes, we would arrive at what might reasonably be called world peace, at least in comparison to the rest of human history.

So world peace is not impossible as is so often assumed. World peace is possible, we just don’t want to pay the price for it, and so we tell ourselves it’s impossible.

How Would We Reproduce Without Men?

Men may become biologically unnecessary in coming years. Consider this article which reports…

Dr. David Molloy, a fertility expert from Australia, believes that women will be able to reproduce without male input within the next few decades.

A more detailed article on the subject is available here.

And if this is all too futuristic and speculative for you, please consider that only a very small number of men are needed to impregnate a very large number of women. A world with far fewer men is possible today without any leap in genetic technology.

This Is Crazy Talk!

Yes, for now, it is. A world without men is such a radical idea that in the present status quo there is little chance of it being taken seriously, let alone agreed with.

However, let’s keep in mind that we live in revolutionary times where no status quo is stable for long. A single nuclear detonation on a city anywhere in the world has the potential to radically the shift the way the broad public thinks about existential threats.

Seeing, is believing.

What’s The Alternative To A World Without Men?

Let’s assume for now that a world without men is an impossible pipe dream. Let’s also assume that we somehow get rid of nuclear weapons before they are used. Now what?

What happens next is that violent men continue doing what they’ve been doing for thousands of years, generating death, destruction, fear and vast costs to society by whatever tools they can get their hands on.

Getting rid of nuclear weapons will buy us some much needed time, but such a success will only kick the can down the road.

Nuclear weapons are not the last dangerous tool to emerge from the knowledge explosion. Many more dangerous tools of ever greater scale will be coming online at an ever faster pace.

The bottom line is that it’s not really nuclear weapons that are the problem, but those who own nuclear weapons, those who would use them, and those who won’t consider solving the problem of violent men in a decisive manner.

We have met the enemy, and he is we.