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START HERE: No other media on the Net connects us to the grim reality of nuclear weapons like The Day After, a 2 hour fictional dramatization of a quickly unfolding war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact which results in a full scale nuclear exchange between the superpowers. Must see viewing for those brave enough to face the truth.

NEW FEATURE: See the impact of a nuclear detonation on each of America’s fifty largest cities.


Featured Articles

Our Relationship With Knowledge – This article will argue that the “more is better” relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science and our modern civilization is simplistic, outdated and increasingly dangerous.

A World Without Men  – Given the revolutionary nature of the threat presented by nuclear weapons it may be useful to explore equally revolutionary solutions.

Focusing On The Bottom Line – What if we took a break from the expert analysis of details and turned our attention to addressing the bottom line?

A Benefit Of The Coronavirus – So how could there possibly be a benefit to the coronavirus, and what’s it got to do with nuclear weapons?

Nuclear Weapons Activists Need Heroes To Celebrate – It’s true of any movement, we need our heroes, they provide a great service to us, as heroes address a deep human need which transcends all causes.

A Nuclear Weapons Congressional Candidate? – What if we could elect someone to the U.S. Congress who proudly declared themselves to be a single issue politician focused exclusively on nuclear weapons?

Catholics Could Save The World – What if a billion Catholics each pledged a recurring donation of $1 per year to fund a billion dollar a year global marketing campaign to amplify the Pope’s teachings regarding nuclear weapons? One buck. Per year. Why not?

Will All Nuclear Weapons States Have To Disarm At The Same Time? – What nuclear power is going to disarm while it’s perceived adversaries still retain nuclear weapons?

Is Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Mentally Ill? – Shouldn’t we wonder just a wee little bit about the sanity of any person who spends years positioning themselves to get a job which could require them to launch a barrage of nuclear missiles at vast populations of innocents?


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