Here’s a list of nuclear weapons activists associated with N Square.

Click on a linked name to see further information. Please contact me to request additions, edits, or deletions. Other nuclear weapons groups and their teams can be found here.

Emma Belcher – Advisor

Donna Broughan – Operations Consultant

Michelle Dover – Advisor

Ayaka Emoto – Program Consultant

Cindy Frowick – Logistics Coordinator

Erika Gregory – Managing Director

Jenny Johnston – Editorial Director

Sara Kutchesfahani – N Square DC Hub

Bruce Lowry – Advisor

Morgan Matthews – Deputy Director

Carl Robichaud – Advisor

Meet the N Square Fellows—a vibrant cross-sector group of technologists, game designers, policy experts, diplomats, Hollywood filmmakers, and more who are tackling nuclear challenges together in new ways.

The N Square Innovators Network is a new kind of network shaped around a bold idea: that welcoming new people, new ideas, and new resources into the nuclear threat field will light it up with ingenuity and innovation.