Here’s a list of nuclear weapons activists associated with the Ploughshares Fund.

Click on a linked name to see further information. Please contact me to request additions, edits, or deletions. Other nuclear weapons groups and their teams can be found here.

Raul Araiza – Program Associate

John Carl Baker – Senior Program Officer – Twitter

Zack Brown – Special Assistant to the President

Lorely Bunoan – Grants and Technology Manager

Mary Byrne – Director of Finance

Joseph Cirincione – President – Twitter

Tom Z. Collina – Director of Policy

Michelle Dover – Director of Programs

Bonnie Fisk – Deputy Director of Development

Terry Greenblatt – Senior Advisor

Elissa Karim – Development Associate

Mary Kaszynski – Deputy Director of Policy

Will Lowry – Digital Communications Manager – LinkedIn

Alex Spire – Research Associate

Harry Tarpey – Development and Operations Associate

Delfin Vigil – Director of Communications & Marketing

Akshai Vikram – Roger L. Hale Fellow – Twitter

Cara Marie Wagner – Senior Program Officer

Elizabeth Warner – Managing Director

Derek Zender – Communications Associate – LinkedIn