• Phil Tanny
    So I told my mom that I've been saving the world from CRISPR all over the Internet.

    Mom sat me down, stood over me and looked me right in the eye, and told me I need to cut it out. Mom said I should start believing whatever everybody else is believing, especially those adults who have declared themselves to be experts, because that's how the world works.


    Alright, ok I hate to admit it, but Mom is usually right about this kind of stuff, so I decided to stop being stubborn and give this CRISPR thing a try. So I ordered a cheap CRISPR kit on Amazon, and set out to change my face so that people on the Internet would take me seriously.

    It took me about twenty minutes to get the CRISPR kit up and running because science is not my best subject at school. But I did eventually get it working, so here's my project.

    First, you should see the before shot of my face as it is now so you can appreciate the amazing changes you can accomplish with CRISPR. Yup, that's me, child prodigy philosophy savant Little Mr. Phil Tanny.


    How this works is you take a little saliva, drop it in the CRISPR kit, and then turn some dials and stuff to get the new face that you want. You need some patience because it takes up to ten minutes to change your face. Like I said, this is a cheap CRISPR kit, all I can afford until Mom raises my allowance.

    On the first try here's the new face I created for myself with CRISPR.


    Wow, that's a big change! I hope my clothes will still fit. This is fun, but this face looks too much like some wacky geezer hippy guru guy, and that's not the effect I'm going for. For crying out loud, I don't wanna look stupid! Like I said, this is my first try with CRISPR so you can't expect me to get it perfect on my first try.

    So I fiddled with some dials and sliders in the CRISPR kit, adjusted the face geometry a bit, and BINGO! the perfect new face I've been dreaming of came up on the screen. Now all I need to do is drop that saliva in the machine back in my mouth and I'll be a changed man, I mean kid, no, man!

    People on this site will take me seriously now that I've changed my face with CRISPR!!!

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