• Phil Tanny
    Well, ok, so I'm growing weary of hearing all the endlessly yacking corporate media pundit heads declare Western involvement in Afghanistan a failure, as if this was an obvious given certified as true by God. After hearing this mantra chanted one too many times, I just had to offer my own yacking pundit head reply.

    The US spent twenty years, many lives, and a trillion or two dollars, trying to give the Afghans a chance for a better life.

    It's not a failure if we try to save a drowning man, but don't succeed. It's a success that we tried, instead of standing on the beach watching him drown. It's a success because the attempt brings us a bit closer to being the kind of human beings we all want to be. Failure would have been not trying to help.


    In the case of Afghanistan, what has been accomplished is providing the next generation of Afghans with a vision of how their lives could be different. This psychological shift will pay dividends in the years to come, and prove a more stubborn obstacle to fascist rule than the Taliban yet realize.

    Let's stop being cynical, and reach out to the imprisoned people of the world and offer them hope where we are able to do so.

    This is still possible for the world to do in Afghanistan. The Taliban has no air force, no air defense system. There's nothing stopping all the lucky countries of the world from joining together to carpet bomb Afghanistan with food, medicine, clothing, books etc. We don't need permission from the Taliban, we can start the air drops when ever we're ready.


    If we instead wash our hands of the people of Afghanistan, that would be the failure.
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