• Phil Tanny
    How rational is it to be a person of reason?

    It can be argued that to the degree that one’s focus is within the realm of thought, as tends to rather often be the case for we of a philosophical nature, one is living not in the real world but rather in a second hand experience, the symbolic realm between our ears.

    I’m sure we’ve all had this experience. For me, it will often go something like this. I’ll find myself walking down a Florida beach on a glorious winter morning with the sun on my face, wind in my hair, sand between my toes, surrounded by the song of crashing waves and sea birds, and then…


    After awhile I’ll realize I’ve missed out on all of the above for the last 3 miles because as I walk I’ve been living in my head, thinking thinking thinking, oblivious to the glory of creation which surrounds me.

    The real world, the miracle of reality, right there in front of me. And I missed it. Because I chose to be somewhere else. In my head. And look, here I am, still doing it, right now, as I type this post. Sigh...

    Which of my thoughts is as wondrous as the ocean, the sun, or the oak trees just outside my office window.? Uh, none of them, that’s for sure. What a poor choice I’ve made!

    What we think about reality is no where near as interesting as reality itself. It simply doesn’t matter how grand one’s thoughts are, they are still merely thoughts, symbols which point to something so much richer than themselves.

    Beware of philosophizing too much my friends, because if you keep it up long enough just about the time you start getting good at it you will inevitably find yourself face to face with an understanding of how limited thinking really is.

    There you’ll be, 66 years old, the chair of the philosophy department, covered in authority, credibility, status and stature, respected widely as a razor sharp person of penetrating reason….


    …. and then it will dawn on you how much of your life you’ve missed while you were thinking about life.

    Choosing a second hand experience over the real thing.

    Uh oh, how very illogical!
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