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    First, let's recall that the mission of this site is to provide members with a higher quality intellectual discussion experience than is typically found on most social media sites. The posting guidelines offered here are in service to that mission. This page will go in to additional detail regarding what is expected of members, and what is meant by "higher quality content".

    Thoughtage is not an academic journal, nor is it limited to experts. But neither is it a random chat site. We're aiming for an experience somewhere in between that is human, intelligent and articulate. So, with that in mind....


    What To Do:

    Quality Content: All posts and comments should contain information and/or thoughtful opinion which is relevant to the subject being discussed. This is Job #1, add intelligent relevant content to the conversation. Every post and comment will be evaluated by how well it meets this condition.

    Professional Presentation: Contributors should make a good faith effort to share an orderly articulate presentation with attention to formatting, spelling and punctuation. Perfection is not required, a good faith effort is.

    Humanity: Once the above two conditions above are met, a post or comment can conclude with an amusing aside, witty comment, or personal remark etc. We are human beings after all, not logic machines.

    Please keep in mind that the only way we are going to attract and retain the most interesting people to our conversations is if we, as a community, working together, create an experience which is worth their time. Whatever we publish on this site, we'll get more of.


    What Not To Do:

    If you're reading this, it could be because you're sick of social media and looking for a more intelligent alternative. To create such an alternative we're all (including this editor) going to have to say goodbye to some of the Internet illnesses which so afflict online conversations. Such as:

    Personality Conflicts: In order to facilitate a welcoming environment, we won't be doing personality conflicts here. Let's debate the idea, and not the person who posted the idea. Overly passionate debates can be taken in to private messages or email. If needed, an editor will pause, lock or delete threads that begin to devolve in to ego food fights.

    One Liner Comments: As you know, most social sites are overwhelmingly dominated by quick one liner comments which allow the poster to experience the joy of hitting the submit button with the least possible work. There's a place for that, but this is not that place.

    Snotty Snarky Clever Little Gotcha Blurb Thingies: Great fun on Facebook, an account killer here. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose on the Internutz. Even the editor will be required to give up this hobby on this site. Who, me? Really? GASP!


    Invitation Only To The Rescue!

    Hopefully our invitation only membership system will make such guidelines largely unnecessary. If I do my job as editor, the contributors who come to populate this site will be intelligent enough to figure all of the above out on their own without much help from the editor.

    But, in the spirit of clarity and good communication I thought it might be helpful on occasion to spell out in a bit more detail what is meant by "quality content".
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