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    Welcome to Thoughtage, thanks for your interest.

    Thoughtage is an intellectual discussion community. Membership is by invitation.

    MISSION: The goal of this site is to provide members with a higher quality intellectual discussion experience than is typically available on social media.

    If you've grown frustrated with the limitations of "almost anything goes" massive social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit etc, I hope this small discerning community can provide you with a thought provoking alternative.

    To keep the content quality above average, contributors are screened prior to being offered membership to ensure they are capable of providing visitors with content worth reading. Advanced degrees are not required, members are just intelligent people who have something interesting to share in a reasonably articulate manner. While the major social media sites prioritize quantity over quality, the goal of this site is to provide an alternative by doing the opposite.

    There are no ads on Thoughtage, and no clever schemes for harvesting your data and invading your privacy etc. Enthusiastic intellectual debate is encouraged here, while distracting personality conflicts are removed.

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    Please note that while membership on this site is invitation only, visitors who would like to participate here are invited to introduce themselves and apply for membership.

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    That's a quick summary of what Thoughtage is all about. If you're interested in Internet publishing and would like to further explore the philosophy behind this site, you may find the following pages to be of interest.

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    PS: Haircuts are not required for membership on this site, but a sense of humor may come in handy. :grin:
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Welcome to Thoughtage.com

The mission of this site is to provide a higher quality intellectual discussion experience than is typically available on social media. Click Here To Learn More

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