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History Of Nuclear Weapons 1950s

Britain’s Nuclear Bomb – The Inside Story – This hour long video tells the story of how Britain became a nuclear weapons power.

The First Lost Nuke – In February 1950 a Convair B-36B bomber jettisoned the nuclear weapon it was carrying when the plane’s engines caught on fire. This was the first lost nuke incident in history.

The Lost Nuclear Weapon Near Savannah Georgia – A lost nuclear bomb has been in the ocean off Savannah Georgia since 1958.

History Of Nuclear Weapons 1940s

The Nazi Atomic Bomb Program – This 45 minute History Channel documentary explores German research in to nuclear weapons development, a key motivating factor for the U.S. Manhattan Project.

Russia’s First Nuclear Weapon – This video tells the story of how a Russia devastated by Nazi invasion managed to develop their own nuclear weapon only a few years after the Americans.

Stealing The Atomic Bomb – This hour long video tells the story of how Russian espionage succeeded in stealing American secrets of how to construct a nuclear weapon.

The Moment In Time: History Of The Manhattan Project – This hour long video provides an overview of the Manhattan Project, the secret WWII American research project which developed the first nuclear weapons.

Robert Oppenheimer – Robert Oppenheimer led the scientific team at the Los Alamos Laboratory which developed the world’s first nuclear weapons during WWII.